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Ultra Festival – Technical Difficulties

Due to technical difficulties we were not able to play our entire hour long set as we were most looking forward to at Ultra festival. Our deepest apologies to the crowd who waited so patiently while we tried to fix the problems. we hope we will be able to return to Florida and play the full set. It was very sad to us to travel so far and play such a short set.

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Posted in Festival at March 26th, 2012.
  • Amanda

    If you play in Orlando, I promise it will work!

  • http://twitter.com/sunlovey sarah christoph

    please reschedule. south florida LOVES you.

  • Another Fan in So. FL

    Such a perfect night, it would have been amazing to hear your full set… and the two songs you did play were so good it almost made it harder to have missed the rest!  You MUST make a point of fitting another Miami stop in on this tour… please!!

  • Bearnz69

    U GUYS WERE AWESOME….. totally worth the wait…!! please come back next year !!

  • SimbaDMB

    Who cares that you couldn’t play a full set, you guys wrecked it!  Best show of the weekend for me. I was there in one spot, my friends in another, and we both had never seen you before. We talked about it later that night and thought is was absolutely amazing. There was so much energy on stage!! It was full of awe and awesomeness. You made a fan of me.  Listening to your album now and seeing you guys next week in Boston. Nice job at Ultra.  Seriously.    

  • sarah

    even though your set was so short, it was still one of the best at Ultra! definitely the best vibes..everyone in that crowd LOVED you!

    • http://twitter.com/m83news M83

      Thanks Sarah!

  • BAM

    I had never heard your music until the ultra set and I can say it left me wanting a lot more. If you come back to South Florida, I will most definitely be there!

  • SergioCoya

    I had to investigate this. I knew something was wrong. But even what short amount of time we got to listen it was remarkable. I remember just having even started to walk away I heard the signature Midnight City tune and dashed over people to get back. Definitely had all the potential to be the best act at Ultra. thanks for the update.  

  • please help!

    What is the name of the 2nd song you guys played??

    South FL will welcome you with open arms after that performance, best of the weekend. See you in Chicago ;) 

    • http://twitter.com/m83news M83

      Hi, Midnight City and Couleurs where played at Ultra. Couleurs is from the album ‘Saturday=Youth’ from 2008.

  • vivala_caro

    please come back to Miami <3 I need to hear you finish your settttt

  • p567

    Please reschedule a Miami or Tampa stop. South Florida gets no love on the tour circuit! Please come back and play the full set. Those two songs were just so great that it is heartbreaking not to have seen the rest. Please try to fit a stop in! I will be there. Thanks! Love you guys!

  • akaBruceBanner

    Come back to South Florida!!!!!!